Revolutionary pontoon-dedicated tansducer seatpost.


Expand your fishing capabilities with our innovative echo transducer mount! Thanks to our mounting system, fishing becomes more precise and efficient than ever before.


  • Overall length of the seatpost: 60 cm, diameter of 16mm, anodized aluminum.
  • Mounting to the pontoon side: for a float with a diameter of approximately 40-47cm, using a 35mm strap with a buckle. (mounting base for float diameter 48-53cm available on request)
  • Adjustment of the seatpost length below the mounting axis: min-max: 16-50cm.
  • Vertical tilt adjustment: +/- 40 degrees.
  • Rotation around the axis: Yes, with a “straight-ahead” lock, 360+ degrees (limited by cable).
  • Vertical sliding: Yes, with a lock.
  • Made of weather-resistant materials (temperature, water, UV, corrosion).

Designed to allow for positioning the mount in almost any location around the circumference of the protruding pontoon end.

Hint: To fully utilize the strap’s strength, we recommend tightening it on a partially inflated pontoon side, and then inflating it further.

The Balloo-mount holder has been designed with anglers in mind who seek to explore the secrets of the underwater world and discover the most promising fishing spots. The ability to mount it on the outside or inside of the pontoon ends provides you with flexibility to adjust the holder according to your preferences and the type of pontoon you are using.


The holder allows for precise positioning of the transducer at the desired angle, enabling optimal scanning of the water bottom. Additionally, with the transducer rotation feature, you have control over the scanning direction, which is particularly useful for side scanning. You can easily manipulate the transducer’s depth by raising or lowering it to adjust to changing conditions and depths.


Balloo-mount also features a lock that clearly indicates the transducer’s position in the “straight-ahead” position. Upon releasing the lock, the entire seatpost becomes not only rotatable but also vertically adjustable, allowing the transducer to be raised, for example, in shallow areas or while gliding.


Ballomoount is a sturdy construction that ensures reliable and stable attachment of the transducer to the pontoon. Now you can focus on uncovering hidden underwater structures, locating fish, and discovering the best fishing spots. Achieve fishing excellence with our reliable and versatile mounting solution.


Included in the set:

  • Adjustable seatpost with pontoon mount
  • Height-adjustable spacer ring for the seatpost
  • Transducer mounting block for the end of the seatpost (compatible with Garmin and others)
  • 35mm mounting strap
  • Set of stainless steel screws

Note: The pontoon and its equipment elements visible in the pictures (such as the engine, fishing rod holders, etc.), as well as the echo sounder transducer, are for product presentation purposes only and are not included in the set.