Streamlined fishfinder transducer mounting bracket, dedicated for pontoons.


Pontoon attachment: for float diameters of approximately 40-47cm, using a 35mm strap with a buckle, (mounting for baloons with diameters of 48-53cm available upon request)
Vertical tilt adjustment: 90 degrees,
Constructed from weather-resistant materials (temperature, water, UV, corrosion),
The transducer bracket allows for installation on the ends of the pontoon hull, both externally and internally from the transom side.


Minimization of Water Resistance: We have designed the mounting element to minimize water resistance, allowing for efficient exploration of underwater structures. Now you can focus on discovery instead of worrying about water resistance.


Adaptation to Conditions: Our bracket allows the transducer to tilt, enabling adjustment to different water depths. It’s the flexibility you need, especially in shallower waters.

Mounting in Your Style: Our bracket can be mounted both externally and from the transom side. The choice is yours!


Sturdy Mounting: Thanks to the wide clamping strap, our bracket provides secure and durable mounting for the echo sounder transducer, regardless of its size. This means accurate and consistent measurement results in various conditions.

Tip: To fully utilize the strap’s power, we recommend tightening it on a partially inflated pontoon – then proceed to inflate it fully.


Mounting Versatility: The universal mounting base is another advantage of our product. It not only holds the transducer but also allows for adapting to other accessories, enhancing your equipment’s functionality.


Balloo-mount is a robust construction that ensures reliable and stable attachment of the transducer to the pontoon. Now you can focus on uncovering hidden seabed structures, locating fish, and discovering the best fishing spots. Achieve angling excellence with our dependable and versatile mounting solution.

Included in the set:

  • Pontoon hull mounting base,
  • Position clamping knob,
  • Transducer mounting block (compatible with Garmin and others),
  • 35mm clamping strap,
  • Set of stainless steel screws,

Note: The pontoon and its equipment elements visible in the photos (such as the engine, fishing rod holders, etc.), as well as the echo sounder transducer, are for product presentation purposes only and are not included in the package.